Smart Access
Made Easy

DACK provides the most reliable, most flexible smart access control in the industry. Our platform is compatible with virtually every lock vendor and cloud provider on the market today, with industry leading flexibility and reliability.

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Nemo enim ipsam

Automate Access

DACK has industry leading digital lock management solutions. Guests will be automatically assigned a unique digital key and keycode when their reservation pairs to a unit with a digitally connected smart lock. Guests can receive keycodes or unlock their unit from the DACK app with  the click of a button. You can also set up staff and backup codes and manage access remotely from the DACK Operator Portal.

Works with commercial, multi-unit, and single-family properties

Single-family rental? Multifamily condo building? Hotel? -- DACK’s Access Point solution is completely customizable. You can work with common access doors like an apartment entrance, pool gate, or lobby door. With any digitally connected locks, a guest can access the entire property with a keycode or from the DACK Guest App. For offline locks or traditional keys, you can also provide step-by-step instructions through the DACK App.

short term rentals app

Integrations with virtually any lock on the market today

DACK integrates with virtually every major lock brand in the lodging space today, including Allegion (Schlage), Assa Abloy (Yale, August, Kwikset), Dormakaba, and Salto. We also work with most locks through multiple cloud providers giving you maximum flexibility. For instance, you can connect to a Yale lock via Smart Things, Yonomi, Point Central, Remote Lock, or directly through DACK.

Safeguards that ensure access every time

Getting your guests into their unit successfully is our top priority. Locks can go offline, lose battery and fail, but DACK has developed several safeguard mechanisms to provide guests access in all scenarios. We’ve also developed special alert systems to make sure you’re aware of any issues and prevent any lockouts. Additionally, we’ve built a groundbreaking self-service support tool for guests where that virtually eliminates lock outs and late night support requests.

short term rentals app
short term rentals app

Enable Early Check-in / Late Checkout

By connecting your digital smart locks to the DACK platform you can connect them seamlessly to extras like an early check-in. Simply approve guests' requests and we will automatically update their check-in time on your digitally connected smart lock.

Monitor Security

Make sure everyone who enters and exits your property is supposed to be there. Keep guests and property secure by monitoring staff access and easily locking guests or staff out if there is an issue.