Smart Home

Take your accommodation to the next level with  completely integrated smart home technology. DACK enables state-of-the art lighting, music and thermostat control along with noise monitoring.

Nemo enim ipsam
Nemo enim ipsam

Noise monitoring

For additional security, DACK integrates with noise monitoring to prevent parties at your property. You can customize and receive alerts when noise thresholds reach your preset limits. You can also alert and notify the guest that they're being too loud. - DACK is the only mobile app on the market today that can provide automated push notifications to guests to prevent parties.

Thermostat Controls

With the DACK portal, you can set thermostats to specific settings, before, after, and during a guest’s stay. You can prevent energy loss, frozen pipes, and more by turning the thermostat off or keeping it on a specific setting after a guest’s checkout. You can also make a guest’s arrival more comfortable by cooling your property up or warming it down before check-in.

Smart Switches and Lights

Take energy savings even further with smart switches and lights. With the operator portal, you can turn off lights and switches remotely. This is also a great way to deter parties and unwanted activities.

State-of-the-art stay experience

A fully connected smart home can be controlled entirely from the DACK Guest App, this can give your guests a truly memorable experience, and as more and more guests are likely to have smart devices at their own home, they’ll likely expect it at your property too.