An Intuitive Mobile-First Guide for Your Guests

DACK provides everything your guests could want in one seamless, digital, mobile-first experience. Empower your guest with in-depth property guides, easy WiFi and more.

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Nemo enim ipsam

All the details guests need for their stay

DACK provides the industry's most intuitive and mobile-optimized digital property guide. You can quickly add any details about your property and build out a customized guide for guests. Save time and money by not having to print out binders or answer the same phone calls repeatedly. With DACK you can add images, videos, step-by-step instructions quickly and easily. Avoid tablets, screens, and TVs. All your guests need is the technology medium they’re most comfortable with—their phone.

Reduce demand on your staff

By building out a compelling property guide in DACK, your guests will need to contact you less for everyday questions like how to use the dishwasher, turn on the hot tub, or how to use the fireplace. Your staff will thank you for freeing up their time, giving them more bandwidth for better customer service.

Easy WiFi, Directions, and More

DACK’s one-touch WiFi makes it easy for guests to get online quickly when they arrive. They can also connect quickly to maps and rideshare services to find their way to their accommodation, easily view access instructions, and more. DACK removes any friction involved with remote, contactless check-in.