A Personal Tour Guide
For Your Guests

Connect your guests to the local community with a curated list of local recommendations. Guests will have a more enjoyable, personalized stay with your custom in-app tour guide.

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Nemo enim ipsam

Tell Your Story To Guests

Guests want to know their local area and connect to curated experiences. Through the DACK Operator Portal, you can provide insights that can be hard to track down in larger tourism and recommendation platforms. Create a customized list of your local top favorites for your guests to review.

Automatically Populate Content

Don’t feel like fully customizing your property guide or just want to get up and running quickly? No problem! DACK has you covered with intuitive 3rd party vendor connections for recommendations and local activities. Your guest app will come out of the box with intuitive and fun content for guests.

Partner with local vendors

DACK’s flexible platform can keep content in the app or redirect to any 3rd party vendor you’d prefer. Create your own promotions and offers with local businesses or use DACK’s marketplace portal to let local vendors fulfill upsell requests.