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Sometimes things happen, but we’ve planned for that. We have a number of resources available to help you in case you encounter any issues. Through our in-app Q&A and our ticket submission system, we are able to help guests and operators solve issues fast! 

For guests

Why did my host ask me to download this app?

Hosts provide DACK to their guests for added convenience and a more enjoyable stay. Through the DACK app you will find all the details about your stay including property guides, local recommendations, optional stay extras, digital access and more. You can even add your friends and family so they have access to the same information. Overall DACK makes your stay better!

What do I do if I my reservation doesn't pair?

Not to worry,  a reservation might not pair for a couple of reasons. Sometimes, the system simply needs a bit more time to sync data with your host’s reservation software.** You will also need to verify that the phone number used to create the reservation matches the phone number you are using to pair the reservation. For example, you might have made the reservation with an old phone number or a partner’s phone number. If you’re still having issues, feel free to submit a support ticket below.

What do I do about issues with my accommodation?

For issues with the accommodation, such as cleanliness, maintenance issues, etc., it’s best to directly communicate with your host via the “Contact Host” button on the home screen of the app, or directly via your original booking channel.

For operators

How easy is onboarding?

Onboarding with DACK is fairly straightforward. You will have access to our dedicate customer success team, and detailed knowledge-base to help you build out your account. We can also bulk import content from CSV files and migrate content from your PMS. Typically it takes just a few weeks to go live with a complete digital experience for your guests.

Do you integrate with my PMS?

DACK integrates with over 17 PMS platforms to date and continues to add new ones monthly. If you don't see your PMS on the integration list, theres a good chance we have it in our roadmap or are already working on integrating with them. However feel free to book a demo to learn more.

What is your pricing?

Pricing is based on the number of units that you manage and have active on the DACK platform. To learn more about specific pricing options feel free to Book a Demo with our sales team and they will walk you through the contract specifics.

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