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DACK's powerful messaging system enables pinpoint communication with guests before, after, and during their stay. You can offer guests upsells, check-in on their stay, or offer them discounts to re-booking directly with you.

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Nemo enim ipsam

One-touch WiFi

With DACK’s one-touch WiFi app users will connect simply through the one-touch WiFi button in the app. You can require registration to use WiFi, by keeping credentials solely in the app, saving you the added cost of special routers or additional tech.

Guest Registration

DACK guests verify their phone and email through the app, ensuring you have accurate and reliable contact information throughout their stay. Keep in touch with guests ahead, during, and post-stay with important information and details about their stay with you.

Powerful Messaging System

Completely customize how you communicate with your guests before, after, or during their stay. With DACK’s messaging system you can communicate via SMS, push notification, or email at the exact moment you’d like. DACK’s messaging system can even connect to your smart locks and send guests a welcome message once they’ve unlocked the door for the first time. Through push notifications, you can also route them to specific destinations in the app like your property guide or the stay enhancements section.

Post and Mid-stay Reviews

Get alerted to post-stay reviews through your inbox so you can see feedback before it reaches the OTAs. DACK also captures feedback through support forms throughout a guest's stay so together we can stay on top of any issues.