Americans Are Ready to Explore: 5 Ways to Get Travelers Into Your STR

January 6, 2023

Post pandemic travelers still feel cooped up and are eager to get out and explore. Wherever you may be located there is a reason you’ve got a property rental. Small town or big city, every place has something special to offer, and if you’re not sure how to find that something special, here are 5 tips to help you get travelers into your STR.

Take time to think outside the box.

When guests go to book, they’re looking for something unique, and something that stands out from a typical hotel experience. They want an authentic experience that, at the very least, makes them feel like they were toured around by a local, not just a google search! Go out and experience your city and put together your “perfect day”. Complete with the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots. Don’t forget to add some fun activities for them to do as well.

Create a vibe

Your property should have character to it, energy, and a distinguishable style. Not everyone has great style (or thinks they do), but everyone has access to Pinterest. You can find inspiration everywhere. You don’t have to completely redo your home or spend a fortune to add at least some character. Some new paint, new furniture, or wall decorations could be enough to help you stand out. The goal is to be an experience, not just an empty room with a bed in it… So give it some style.

Provide Stay Enhancements

According to a survey of 500 travelers by Adventure.Travel, 44% were concerned about their ability to walk or bike during their stay. If you can (and you’re close enough to attractions), providing bikes for an additional fee can increase your chances of getting bookings. A small fee may be discouraging to some, but it helps to protect your asset as well as increase your revenue. Accessing them is simple. Using a concierge platform like The DACK app allows a bike code to be shared following the purchase of the upsell.

Create a partnership with local vendors

If you’re located in an area where outdoor sports like mountain biking or skiing are popular, partner with one of your local rental shops. By creating a preferred partnership, you can make it easy for your guests to rent from a reliable shop, as well as positively support the community in which you operate. Additionally, if they offer delivery, you can improve your guest experience even greater.

Ease concerns about traveling

According to the same study by Adventure.Travel, 30% of travelers are still concerned about Covid-19. Ease their minds by providing upsells like mid-stay cleaning. While 50% are concerned about the environmental impacts of travel, you can take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Eliminating physical guest guidebooks, swapping your single-use supplies for reusable ones, installing energy-efficient lights and appliances,  using Forest Friendly Paper Towels, and providing proper recycling protocols are all great ways to get started.