Your 24/7 Customer Service Representative

December 28, 2022

Great communication between hospitality operators and their guests is the key to ensuring that guests feel welcome, prepared, and connected throughout their stay, ensuring an overall great experience. However, The list of questions your guest support team encounters day in and day out is likely endless. 

“What time is check-in?”

“Where is the closest grocery store?”

“Is coffee provided?”

Knowing that fast response times lead to better reviews, the task of keeping up might feel overwhelming. But did you know that 75% percent of mobile users first turn to their phone to find answers to their questions? And according to the 2020 Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report1, 69% of customers would rather find answers on their own. And while you might have emailed a list of FAQ’s or a link to information on your website…well, we all know how often guests don’t read their emails. 

By offering your guests a mobile experience via the DACK app, you’re essentially providing them with 24/7 customer service in their pocket. And not only is this saving you money by reducing the number of phone calls and emails you receive, you are effortlessly elevating their experience with your brand. If you follow some simple steps to engage your guests from the moment they book, you’ve unleashed a powerful tool to develop a lasting relationship with your guests. 

And will they really use it? There’s a stat for that, too. In 2021, the average daily time spent on a mobile device was four hours and six minutes. Of that time, 90% was spent on an app.2

We keep a close eye on our guest usage as well. Our current DACK operators are seeing between 60%-120% of their guests downloading the app, depending on optimization, messaging and on-premise technology3. Once the app is downloaded, guests visit the app an average of 12 times leading up to a stay, engaging with the property guide, viewing local recommendations, and purchasing stay enhancements such as early check-in, pool heating, equipment rental, and so much more. 

No more digging through emails, or searching for answers on your website. With one click into the DACK app, your guests have all the information they need for an exceptional stay at their fingertips. They’ve had an opportunity to plan their activities based on your expert recommendations, learn about the property, and maybe even take advantage of curated opportunities to enhance their stay. And for you? After investing a small amount of time in a well designed guest app, you’ll have a few less phone calls and emails, and informed, happy guests. 




3 Some operators are seeing between 20% and 25% of app registrations from secondary guests added to a reservation.