DACK's 5E Experience Map

December 19, 2022

Utilizing the DACK app, vacation rental operators of all sizes can compete on the same level as the most distinctive luxury brands without the investment required to build their own technology. DACK provides opportunities for differentiation and customization that can turn a service into an experience, creating sticky memories that will turn one-time guests into loyal brand advocates. 

Our platform enables you to expand your capabilities to design the ultimate guest experience, creating a personal relationship with your guests while giving them the autonomy to select from meaningful choices at their leisure. And with the right engagement strategy, you can  walk your guests through this journey, elevating  their experience while gaining  efficiency and revenue for your business, and converting them to repeat, direct bookers.

While developing a repeatable, scalable guest journey might sound tricky, we’ve borrowed a framework called a 5E Experience Map that enables our clients to successfully execute a high quality mobile experience for their guests. First developed by Conifer Research, a marketing firm that helps “align business decisions around the lives and needs of real people,” the 5E Experience Map details five stages—entice, enter, engage, exit, and extend—marking important points along the customer experience. Let’s take a closer look at each stage. 

Entice: You’ve received a new booking. Now what? Rather than leave your guests to figure things our for themselves, you entice them to follow your lead, capturing their attention and piquing their curiosity. You communicate that you have specifically considered their needs and possible interests, and have a unique offering for them. You let them know that you have a personalized app, designed with their trip in mind, curated with your favorite experiences and local recommendations.\

Enter: It’s all about first impressions, right? You’ve spent time creating inviting spaces, compelling listings, and excellent photos to encourage guests to choose your company or your property over the competition. The DACK app is an extension of that experience, further reassurance to your guest that they have selected wisely. And through modern and forward-thinking product design, we’ve made sure that the app is easy to navigate, a remarkable experience in and of itself. 

Engage: You have the attention of your guest, giving you a unique opportunity to build the relationship. Like a best-in-class concierge, you can show your guest you’ve anticipated their needs before they have to ask. You’ve put yourself in your guest’s shoes, and thought through every question they might have in preparation for their journey. And utilizing the e-commerce platform within the DACK app, you can curate stay enhancements and give guests the opportunity to opt in to the activities and services that interest them, with the ease of online shopping we’ve all become accustomed to.

Exit: Because you’ve taken into consideration how your guest feels every step of the way, provided them with quality options for the best possible vacation, created a space where they experienced value and felt valued, they are going home on a high emotional note. They’ve had an amazing experience, their fellow travelers also raving about what a great time they all had. And what do people do when they’ve experienced something extraordinary? They share. They share via social media, they share via text messages to their family, they share at work when coworkers ask how their trip was, they share the next time they’re out with friends.

Extend: If you’ve done your part, strategically utilized the tools available within the DACK app and your own local network, provided an extraordinary experience to your guest, complemented with a high level of customer service, you will see results. Through the use of a designed tool (DACK) in combination with a designed interaction (your customization of the guest experience), you will see an increase in rebookings, directly through your website, widening your audience of loyal guests, and decreasing your cost of guest acquisition. 

Creating a well-designed engagement strategy will create a hard-to-forget connection for your guests, and facilitate  memory making experiences that they’ll associate with you. The flexibility and accessibility of the DACK app will allow you to facilitate a curated journey that starts with the booking and the anticipation of the trip, unfolds through the stay itself, and remains in mind as your guests begin to think about their next travel opportunity. And they’ll be thinking, “I wish every vacation rental company had an app like this,” proving that you’ve differentiated yourself from the competition.