DACK partners with Know Your Guest (SUPERHOG)

July 8, 2022

DACK partners with Know Your Guest, changing the game in short-term rental security. DACK is an app-based customer experience platform for vacation rental operators. Their new integration will allow guest verification directly through the DACK app.

What is Know Your Guest?

Know Your Guest is a global risk management company operating in 25+ countries worldwide that specializes in intelligent guest screening, damage waivers, deposit management, and property protection. Their technology increases booking confidence and provides protection unmatched in the STR industry.

What is the DACK App?

The DACK App is a powerful guest experience platform. It includes a powerful upsell platform, key code/digital key management, and customizable property guides. The app also provides contactless check-in and checkout, dynamic local recommendations, and one-touch WiFi. With this new integration, DACK will now offer direct guest verification for operators, all without ever leaving the app.

As the short-term rental industry continues to evolve, companies like DACK pride themselves on remaining at the forefront of technology and digital integration. CEO & Co-Founder of SUPERHOG Humphrey Bowles said, “We are both excited and honored to provide our state-of-the-art Know Your Guest risk management technology through DACK’s world-class guest experience platform. Our mission is to elevate property manager confidence in who they are hosting and our partnership with DACK is a huge step toward that goal. Our integrated platforms will be a leading example in creating a culture of trust, safety, and risk prevention within the short-term rental industry, and we’re looking forward to helping property managers every step of the way.”

Throughout the development process DACK’s efforts to create a smooth and seamlessly integrated guest experience has been aided by the great tools their partners provide. Head of Product at DACK, Thomas Schaper, said, "We're excited to give our operators and guests access to Know Your Guest. Their flexible API enabled us to build a completely integrated verification flow as we continue to develop the most seamless guest journey possible. The convenience of direct integration with our app will make it easier than ever for guests to quickly verify their identities. It's a win-win for everyone."

Integration Breakdown

The flow will allow guests to verify their identity directly through DACK’s home screen. Guests will be prompted to provide their information, including a government ID as well as a live photo. This will be verified through artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the guest’s ID for image manipulation and other discrepancies. Humphrey Bowles said "Know Your Guest provides intelligent guest screening and damage protection at the market's lowest price. This truly awesome technology tells property managers exactly who their guests are, and even better, if something does go wrong, we will be on hand to support and reimburse them."

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About Know Your Guest

Know Your Guest is an all-in-one pre-emptive risk management platform for the short-term rental industry. As a cutting-edge SaaS solution, Know Your Guest is built to remove manual processes and guesswork from the guest screening process, allowing property managers complete control over their bookings so they can effectively manage guest-related risks. Through seamless integrations with your booking journey, you can be confident knowing your guest is who they say they are and rest easy knowing your properties are protected.


About DACK

Venture-backed DACK, Inc. is a revolutionary guest technology start-up that enables operators to provide their guests with an all-in-one, mobile-first, digital stay experience. Through DACK’s SaaS platform operators can provide their guests with digital access, contactless check-in and checkout, intuitive property guides, one-touch WiFi, local recommendations, customizable upsells, and more. Since its product launch in 2020 DACK has grown rapidly and is now used at thousands of properties across multiple lodging verticals. For more info