Managing Vacation Rental Properties, Explained

October 13, 2022

If you have a property that you want to rent out but you don't have the time to manage it yourself, there are several options that are available to you. The temptation to manage your property yourself from a remote location in order to save on a salary or fees for a rental manager is strong, but you need to look at the big picture. If you decide to manage your short-term rental property using software, then that program needs to be easy to use and intuitive for you and your renter. If you decide to hire a rental manager, then payment and duties need to be explored.

What is vacation rental management?

This type of property management is not to be confused with long-term rental management which is less involved and doesn't require as personal a touch. Vacation rental property management deals with all aspects of the process. This includes bookings, maintenance, cleaning, marketing and being on call for all of the renter's needs throughout their visit. The property manager is responsible for providing a smooth and problem-free stay for the customer that will have them giving glowing reviews and have them coming back every year.

What is vacation rental property management software?

When you have a property that you would like to make accessible to guests who are still wary of personal contact, then vacation rental management software can make the booking process contactless. You can still have a property manager on hand for those details that require a hands-on approach, but the software can do the rest and save on fees. Guest management software gives the client the chance to book the property on their own, gives them a code for the keyless entry system if there is one, and offers a guide to local attractions, restaurants, and other places of interest. The software can give the property owner the option of including add-ons or upsells right from the software to make it easier for customers to ask for the perks they are interested in.  

How is short-term vacation rental software convenient for guests?

Since the world went into lockdown, society has become aware of how simple contactless transactions can be and feel much safer when they can perform certain tasks themselves without face-to-face contact. Renting a vacation home can be stressful for those individuals who are still safety-conscious and can mean the difference between them renting your property or going to someone else's. Vacation rental apps can provide guests with all of the information they need to check in without having to meet a property manager to get keys at a certain time, and also reduces the time someone has to be paid to wait around for guests to arrive. Short-term rental software when working in conjunction with other smart amenities like keyless entry and smart appliances can provide your guests with autonomy on when they want to arrive without the stress caused by unforeseen circumstances like missed flights or traffic. Travelers today are much savvier when it comes to technology and the old, clunky ways of traditional bookings and customer care can be a reason for them to not book with you.

Other benefits of apps for vacation rentals

Short-term vacation rental software apps can be loaded onto the guest's smartphone so they can access all of the information they need on a medium they are comfortable with. The app can take their personal information and credit card data to book the property as well as control any smart appliances that are inside the vacation home. The keyless entry code for the door can be sent directly to their phone by text or email and other features like car rentals, tours, and attractions are accessible with just the touch of a button. A rental management app is also a good place for the owner of the property to message the guest and vice versa if there are any problems with the property so they can be fixed immediately without having to leave phone messages. Some rental management companies use the software to introduce their logo and provide a personalized electronic guide that markets their brand.

If you have a property you need to be managed or are looking into property management tools and resources, then try some of the intuitive and accessible vacation rental software apps available on the market today. If you can provide an app for guests to use on their own which is simple and straightforward, they may be much happier with a hands-off approach and more likely to come back.