The DACK App – an easy-to-navigate experience for you and your guest

Recently, when preparing for a close-to-home trip, I found myself in the middle of a busy grocery store digging through emails from my vacation rental host trying to figure out what kind of coffee pot was provided.

June 2, 2022

Confirmation email? No details. Check-in email? Nope. Finally, after following a few links, I found myself back on the booking page, scrolling through the long list of amenities, hoping to find the detail I was looking for. Can you guess what was going through my head? There’s an app for that…

When was the last time you really put yourself in the frame of mind of your guest preparing for a trip? How easily can they access property details without scrolling through emails or digging through your website? How easily can they plan activities, or find restaurant recommendations? And if they rented through an OTA like Airbnb and VRBO, do they even know what vacation rental company they’re staying with?

When guests book a vacation rental, they expect the standard: a confirmation email, perhaps a link to your website, emailed check-in instructions closer to their stay. With the DACK app, you can offer them something unexpected, something untypical. The flexibility and accessibility of your custom mobile app will allow you to steward a scalable but curated guest experience that starts long before check-in and will be remembered long after their vacation has ended.

The DACK app is organized into sections, ensuring an easy-to-navigate experience for you and your guest.


Whether your homes are equipped with a digital lock, a lockbox, or some other process for gaining entry, the access section of the app allows you to provide guests with instructions and details on what to expect before their stay, with access codes revealed at the time of check-in. Chances are you’ll get a few less “how do I get into my rental” questions in the weeks leading up to an arrival.


The property guide section of the DACK app is an opportunity to provide important information such as check-in and check-out instructions, and details about your vacation rental. The table of contents format will direct your guests attention to the right spot quickly, without the frustration of paging through a binder in the unit. And if a TV is replaced or a question from a guest leads you to think you might need to add more information? No problem! Your property guide can be updated, added to, or reorganized from the comfort of your couch.

And make it personal! This section is also a great opportunity to send a welcome note to your guests and let them know why they made the right choice in booking a vacation with you.


The DACK app provides a way for guests to reach out to you with a click of a button. Whatever method you currently use to communicate with your guests can be easily configured within the app, connecting them to you easily via text, phone number, or email address that you prefer.


If you’re looking for ways to elevate the guest experience while earning some ancillary income, the DACK app has a fully customizable section dedicated to providing stay enhancements to your guest. Whether taking advantage of an early check-in, renting baby equipment, or requesting groceries on arrival, your guests can conveniently make purchases easily without leaving the app.


Here’s your chance to shine! Based on our mobile analytics, the recommendation category is one of the most frequently visited sections of the app. Give your guests the opportunity to live like a local, and fill this section with all of your favorite spots. Organized into pre-filled or custom recommendation categories, your guests can start planning their vacation long before they arrive. The more content and detail you can provide in this section, the more your guests will feel like you’ve invested in their journey.


The amenities section of the app provides at-a-glance details and an opportunity to answer all the burning questions. Is there a pool, a gym, and what are the hours? Is there an iron and hair dryer? How does that hot tub work? Is there a grill? Think back at all the inquiries you get from guests pre-stay. Here’s your chance to give them all the deets without having to answer a single email.

Sit back and relax, your job is done. Now that you’ve provided an exceptional vacation guide, your guests will rave about their exceptional hosts!