Tips for Curating Local Experiences for your Guests

December 7, 2022

The vacation and short term rental market is becoming increasingly competitive, and vacation rental hosts need to find ways to stand out. And with an interest in experiential travel on the rise, hospitality operators that can successfully offer personalized experiences to their guests will quickly differentiate themselves by offering something unique to their guests. 

Taking time to create personalized value for your customers by sharing your local expertise will create excitement throughout the guest journey and facilitate memorable experiences that they’ll remember long after their stay. And by providing these special opportunities, you’ll be sure to create loyal guests that look forward to their next chance to book with you. 

So, what steps can you take to curate these unique and personalized experiences? 

  1. Share what you and your team love! Chances are, you and your team know your area well and already have some favorite “things to do.” If you’ve enjoyed a restaurant or activity, share these anecdotes in your app. Let your guests know what you enjoyed about the experience. Give other members of the team the opportunity to offer their input, and have them share a quote or favorite memory about a local experience. Perhaps you have helpful tips, like the best time to visit or your favorite menu item. There’s no better recommendation than a first-hand account.

  1. Ask the experts in your community. By gathering recommendations from those that know the area well, you can allow your guests to “live like a local. While some guests might find comfort in tourist destinations, others might be looking for off the beaten path destinations that give them the opportunity to experience local flavor. Is there a favorite family-owned supermarket or local breakfast spot? Or perhaps a lesser known hiking trail or swimming hole? Let your guests know, and make sure to tell them you’re letting them in on a secret. 

  1. Connect with local tour companies and guides and market their services to your guests. By researching what already exists in your area, you can easily offer guests curated experiences, providing them with a more immersive and engaging experience of the local area. And vendors are always looking for new customers. You can turn this into a win-win by creating a partnership that can benefit you both.


  1. Collaborate with local businesses to offer benefits only available to your guests, such as discounts or promotions, private tours, and other special treatment. 

As a guest’s stay approaches, you can create excitement and inspiration utilizing pre-stay messaging, making sure they know that you’ve personally created recommendations to help them plan their stay. Encourage them to look through your curated agenda, and inspire them to try something they might not have known was available. By offering unique and personalized experiences and providing exceptional service, you will stand out from the competition, attract guests, and earn their loyalty, guaranteeing future bookings.